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A lonely angry man....and his newfound friends! Raleigh Garrett awoke in his jail cell on the morning of his sentencing date with the realistic expectation of getting many years for the violent assault that he committed. When the Judge sentenced him to just one yeara€™s probation, Raleigh sets out to serve his probation time away from his racist skinhead cohorts and violent surroundings now in unfamiliar territory with total strangers to deal with on a daily basis, people whom are very friendly and giving toward him. Now the troubled young man in the Doc Marten boots cana€™t imagine why hea€™s suddenly being treated so kind by folks who dona€™t know him and offered enjoyable opportunities that damn sure never came his way before. From the bubbly young woman named Sophie who shows him unwavering friendship from the moment they first met, to the busty brunette Deanna Marquez who is way too lenient and accommodating as his Probation Officer, to the interracial couple inviting him to their private a€œEnd-of-Summera€ BBQ party, ita€™s as if he has stepped into another reality somehow. Only these newfound friends have something in store for Mister Garrett in lieu of his past misdeeds as well the murderous act he doesna€™t yet know he caused. This is the place to sort it all out.....if it takes 6 days, 6 years, or 6 centuries!Hop in and Ia#39;ll take you there, no problem homie . . . . Ia#39;m heading in that direction anyway, a€ Sophie replied cheerfully. She climbed back behind the wheel of her pink 2004 Mustang as Raleigh started to walk around the front of her car towardanbsp;...

Author:Ken Knight
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2013-06-17


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