The Other Side of Justice

The Other Side of Justice

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As Wal-Mart's reputation continues to suffer, one such blow was dealt by former employee Lamon Griggs. First, an embarrassingly false allegation. Next, the lies, the missing records, the lost video recording, the unavailable witnesses, and worst of all, the efforts to turn everyone against him. Never wanting to take this to court, it had nothing to do with money. He just wanted Wal-Mart to admit they were wrong for what they did and apologize. Wal-Mart was advised by their powerful legal team not to apologize, offering instead a monetary settlement to avoid a trial. However, the money initially offered provided little comfort. Wal-Mart refused to admit they were wrong, and since they did not voluntarily agree, Griggs decided to reject their offer and leave the decision in the hands of a jury. Headlines afterwards, qCountry Boy Hands Wal-Mart a Country Whippingq. Yes, that is when Wal-Mart lost its qSmiley Faceq. Within this book, youa€™ll discover the underlying culture....the Wal-Mart way of life that drives unacceptable behavior, then in turn creates a a€œpower strugglea€ workplace environment. Youa€™ll become aware of the employeea€™s inability to maintain individual integrity. Youa€™ll learn to uncover and discover the masquerade that hides the real motivations behind a control-oriented organization. Youa€™ll experience chapter after chapter of an uncompromising drive to uncover and expose a culture that feeds on the weakness of its people. Youa€™ll experience the world of the a€˜Wal-Mart Culturea€™ through the eyes of those who have been there and understand the consequence of a€œnot standing upa€. Youa€™ll experience a road that leads to complete and total suppression of individual identity that you only hear about, until ita€™s too late, and youa€™re in. And most of all, youa€™ll experience eye-opening and compelling stories of those who learned the hard way that certain large businesses and the word democracy cannot fit in the same sentence. The Other Side of Justice, The Wal-Mart Scandal covers vital topics, issues, and experiences. It will not only educate one regarding the shady dealings of a corporation, but demonstrates the courage of one individual against the number one retailer in the world, illustrating the importance of standing up for what's right.When all the butt smooching is over with, new plots on how the company is going to screw some poor vendor out of something earns them an a€œattaboy, a€ another feather, ... If they could only get WalMart to sell their goods, think of the company growth and wealth. ... WalMart had no conscience when dealing with vendors.

Title:The Other Side of Justice
Author:Lamon Griggs
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2015-03-16


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