The Other Side of the Looking Glass

The Other Side of the Looking Glass

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This is a memoir. Four years out of the life of an average American who did his time in service, only to find that he has to start over again in a country still at war and with a shattered economy. He finds that there is a way to make a living, and that is in the military-industrial complex, the new job market that had arisen when the Twin Towers fell on 9/11. In this world, he makes ends meet. He is able to support his family but is in the crosshairs of the enemy 24/7. All it takes is one mortar shell, one rocket strike, and one bullet to meet his fate. Although he is out of active military service, he is in a combat zone. His life is in danger, just like theirs, but for him, there are no a€œwelcome homea€ parties and no yellow ribbons. Before, he was looked at as a hero; now, hea€™s just an opportunist, a mercenary. But on this side, you see the way things are in this new world of outsourced war.Now to prevent, the army has scramblers on the top of their hard cars (fortified Chevy Suburban), and the convoys were sometimes ... This is obviously the continued ripple from the various lawsuits resulting from the electrocutions in 2004.

Title:The Other Side of the Looking Glass
Author:W. Hairston
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-07-22


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