The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work

The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work

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As globalization permeates both consumer and labor markets, organizational workforces in the 21st century are comprised of greater diversity along a number of demographic dimensions. To keep pace with the changing business environment, research has considered what diversity means and its impact on group and organizational functioning. As such, there is a substantial body of research that investigates the concept of diversity, its effects, and the processes that underlie these effects. However, the number of questions regarding the what, why, and when of diversity still remain. In The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work, edited by Quinetta Roberson, scholars across a variety of disciplines including psychology, sociology, management, law, and social work address these questions with the goal of providing a broad and deep understanding of the field. Based on comprehensive reviews of diversity theory and research from different perspectives, the authors highlight gaps in our current understanding of diversity in organizations and offer insightful directions for future research. With each chapter pushing forward evolution in our understanding of the operation of diversity, Roberson invites the reader into a thoughtful and provocative conversation about the study of diversity in the workplace.The business case is also contingent, as Noon (2007) suggests, and does not offer universal protection against ... Concretely, in relation to workforce diversity and its management, we believe there are three key drivers for substantial change. ... This movement has already been started by CEOs like Carlos Ghosn ( Renault/Nissan), who has often ... In his quest for achieving gender equality he is alert to many different kinds of social inequities, such as gender-balanced communication.

Title:The Oxford Handbook of Diversity and Work
Author:Quinetta M. Roberson
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2012-12-10


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