The Oxford Handbook of Language and Law

The Oxford Handbook of Language and Law

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This book provides a state-of-the-art account of past and current research in the interface between linguistics and law. It outlines the range of legal areas in which linguistics plays an increasing role and describes the tools and approaches used by linguists and lawyers in this vibrant new field. Through a combination of overview chapters, case studies, and theoretical descriptions, the volume addresses areas such as the history and structure of legal languages, its meaning and interpretation, multilingualism and language rights, courtroom discourse, forensic identification, intellectual property and linguistics, and legal translation and interpretation. Encyclopedic in scope, the handbook includes chapters written by experts from every continent who are familiar with linguistic issues that arise in diverse legal systems, including both civil and common law jurisdictions, mixed systems like that of China, and the emerging law of the European Union.CHAPTER 7 CONTRACT FORMATION AS A SPEECH ACT . . s . ... and how do es it differ from other acts of speech that may also entail legal consequences, such as issuing a threat, oflering a bribe, defaming someone, or perjuring oneself ?1anbsp;...

Title:The Oxford Handbook of Language and Law
Author:Lawrence Solan
Publisher:OUP Oxford - 2012-03-08


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