The Palpable Universe

The Palpable Universe

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a€œIn a feeble attempt to deceive mankind, Stephen W. Hawking and Richard Dawkins, among others of their ilk, have painstakingly persevered in creating a Godless society, in the hope intelligent people will accept the theory of evolution as the source that caused the universe to exist. Bringing forward arguments, they create a multitude of problems they cannot answer, resulting in guesses and lies. Not knowing where we came from and why we are here, scientists will never cease their search for the Truth. I have written this book in refutation of their claims and expounded on the subject for clarification.a€However, if the piece fits beautifully and you question why it fits so right, how far can the mind go in trying to understand this ... will never solve could end in minutes, if only he brushed the pride of his professorship to the side and acted like a student for once. ... the Quran as the source to verify what scientists are claiming.

Title:The Palpable Universe
Author:Mohammed Muflahi
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-03-28


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