The Parent's Guide to Talking About Sex

The Parent's Guide to Talking About Sex

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If your kids arena€™t learning about sex from you, what are they learning about sex, and who is teaching them? Having a€œthe talka€ with your child does not have to be a terrifying and awkward event. Armed with Dr. Janet Rosenzweiga€™s groundbreaking book, you may find you never need to have a€œthe talk.a€ Dr. Rosenzweig illustrates how you can help protect your children from sexual abuse, trauma, and bullying through your everyday interactions with them. She walks you through the steps you can take to combine your own familya€™s values with age-appropriate information for children at all stages of development. And youa€™ll learn how to do so in a way that will improve the trust and communication between you and your child. Dr. Rosenzweig applies her decades of experience in child abuse prevention, sexuality education, and family services to help you identify the real threats to your childrena€™s safety and to protect them from becoming victims of sexual misinformation or exploitation. From choosing a childa€™s first daycare to meeting the multimedia challenges of adolescence, The Parent's Guide to Talking About Sex will coach you to raise sexually safe and healthy sons and daughters.A Complete Guide to Raising (Sexually) Safe, Smart, and Healthy Children Janet Rosenzweig. The Search Institute. ... a€œFilm Ratings.a€ Accessed at http://www. The Recording Industry Association of America. Accessed atanbsp;...

Title:The Parent's Guide to Talking About Sex
Author:Janet Rosenzweig
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2015-04-21


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