The Party Bible

The Party Bible

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Hallefrickinlujah, ita€™s here--your ultimate party-planning guide. Forget the stuffy dinner conversations. And the plates of cheese. And the wine (unless ita€™s boxed, or bottled three-buck Chuck). Ita€™s time to tap into a powder keg of debauchery. Brought to you by Connor and Dominic, founders of The 5th Year and scholars in the art of the party, this book serves up dozens of out-of-the-box ideas, along with advice on throwing a successful shindig and plenty of suggestions on how to take the shenanigans to the next level. Youa€™ll find ridiculously fun ways to get your drink on, like . . .Tour de Franzia: Spandex-clad partiers chant, ?Go, go, go? as their wine-mouthed friends race through boxes of the classy stuff. Brownbag Surprise: Guests have to MacGyver their own costumes out of whatevera€™s inside the brownbag theya€™re given.Fake Wake: Ita€™s like a real Irish wake--except even the stiffa€™s drunk.Donkey Punch Dinner Party: Where placing your Cleveland Steamer Meatballs between a bowl of Dirty Sanchez Seven-Layer Dip and a tray of Dutch Oven Biscuits isna€™t out of place. So ditch the popped-collar polos and wayfarers and move on from the played-out a€™80s theme. Ita€™s time to try something new. And as entertaining as it is instructive, this book is destined to become your gospel whenever youa€™re looking for a good time. The partya€™s on.Grilled Cheese Cook-Off (Lunch Competition) each team is allowed to add two nonmeat ingredients (from the kitchen) to a ... Build a Bong each team gets twenty minutes to try and build a workable bong with household items. referee shouldanbsp;...

Title:The Party Bible
Author:Connor Pritchard, Dominic Russo
Publisher:Adams Media - 2010-07-18


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