The Path Less Traveled

The Path Less Traveled

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Since man first began looking at the stars, hea€™s wondered about their origins and his own. Modern astronomers have explained the beginnings of the universe with the Big Bang Theory, in which all matter erupted from a single explosion billions of years ago. As the universea€™s mysteries have deepened, astronomers have introduced an increasing number of concepts which defy understanding, such as an expanding and accelerating universe, galaxies at incredible distances, massive and unexplainable black holes, quasars and bazars with unbelievable distances and energy, dark matter and dark energy which supposedly comprise 96% of the universe but cana€™t be found, pulsars which defy logic, and many other phenomenon which stretch our imagination. Amateur astronomer Jerrold Thacker calls the Big Bang Theory and its accompanying scientific theories preposterous. Instead, he proposes an alternate explanation for what we observe, based not on the prevailing Doppler Effect and the concept that the universea€™s galaxies are receding from our own with increasing velocity but on the a€œTired Lighta€ Effect, based on Einsteina€™s General Theory of Relativity, which shows that gravitational fields in outer space slow light, causing a color shift in light produced by distant objects. This new and totally different view of the universe explores the a€œTired Lighta€ Effect on what we observe in the universe. The author dismisses much of what is currently espoused by the astronomical community. Instead, he points to Einsteina€™s predictions and their integral role in explaining every phenomenon hypothesized by modern astronomers, revealing the wonder of the cosmos without a big bang or expanding universe.Scientists embraced the findings as proof that their shaky Big Bang theory was true, and even after the spatial ... High-Redshift Supernova Findings Astronomers believe that they have a€œproofa€ that the universe is not only expanding but also that this expansion is actually accelerating. ... We can explain their observations in a way that does not require an expanding and accelerating universe, or dark matter )anbsp;...

Title:The Path Less Traveled
Author:Jerrold Thacker
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2015-08-25


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