The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances

The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances

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In the course of one nine-month period, filmmaker Mark Millhone's youngest son nearly died from birth complications, his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer, his mother had a heart attack and passed away, a freak illness claimed the life of one of his friends, and his career imploded. As a result of his membership in what he calls the qtragedy-of-the-month club, q his marriage also began to fray. Millhone responded to the chaos as many men might: Late one night, he logged on to eBay and bid on a vintage BMWa€”his fantasy car, but not exactly what the doctor ordered when it came to his family's finances. As if sharing the news that he'd won the auction with his already-peeved wife weren't bad enough, it turned out that he had to travel from New York to Texas to collect the car. His estranged dad joined him, and together they embarked upon a dysfunctional road tripa€”a comedy of errors that would lend Millhone the perspective he needed to save his marriage and to understand what was really important in his life: his family. Acerbic and hilarious but with heart, this memoir will appeal to readers of Chuck Klosterman, David Sedaris, and Nick Hornby, as well as readers of Millhone's qGuy Wisdomq column in Men's Health. His male perspective on a troubled marriage, raising children, coping with loss, and rejuvenating a relationship with a parent will appeal equally to both sexes.EBAY LISTING #4620111528: LOT/V, LOW, LOW MILESa€” Amazing 1994 BMW 740i in OrientBlueMetallie over Parchment Leather. ... I knowa€”it takes a real man to think that the answer to all our problems was buying a car. I spent hoursanbsp;...

Title:The Patron Saint of Used Cars and Second Chances
Author:Mark Millhone
Publisher:Rodale - 2009-07-07


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