The Peacemaker's Vengeance

The Peacemaker's Vengeance

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In a small Montana town, a poor boy gets a chance at being a lawman Mac McPherson shivers beside the open grave, taking notes for a newspaper story for which he has been promised twenty-five cents. When he files his piece, the editor gives him only two dimes, but Mac is not too proud to take it. Only fourteen years old, he has his mother to think of and his own hungry belly to feed. One night, town sheriff Frank Drinkwalter gives Mac a better offer: an apprenticeship in riding and shooting that may one day lead to a deputya€™s star. The sheriff will need Maca€™s help sooner than either of them realizes. The devil lies behind the eyes of blacksmith Jack Galt, whom Drinkwalter suspects of savagely murdering a series of innocent women. But without proof, there is nothing Drinkwalter can do but watch and wait. When the blacksmith threatens the woman he loves, Drinkwalter has no choice but to call on Mac. In Montana, a boy must grow up fast if he wants to wear a deputya€™s star.But if Galt comes out here to get at your mother or Catherine, I can kill him.a€ Thompson leaned over to spit off the rock, to rid himself of the bitter taste in his mouth. a€œI should have killed him before, Mac. I should have killed him when he took thatanbsp;...

Title:The Peacemaker's Vengeance
Author:Gary D. Svee
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-04-29


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