The Pebble and the Avalanche

The Pebble and the Avalanche

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This book explains how to understand, create, and apply revolutions in business and technology. This book provides ideas, methods, and examples and shows you how to use them to create useful and exciting innovations. ''Taking things apart creates revolutions'' is the simple, one-line answer, but the more I looked into this relatively simple idea the more rich, the more interesting, and the more fun it became. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of this book as I guide you through the details. The main focus of the book is on business and technology. The ideas in this book apply across a wide range of activities; I've included discussions about government and economics, but have left out any mention of medicine, health care, or religion.But even with half the packets missing the connection still generally worked; when data disappears, the computers on ... a connection is running slowly and losing data, people wona#39;t stand for it (which is why I impatiently waited for repair). ... as saying that the network has to keep the data nice and clean at all times; even when therea#39;s a failure, the connection ... For all its faults, my office connection is far less expensive than a perfectly engineered connection, the kind that X.25 requires.

Title:The Pebble and the Avalanche
Author:Moshe Yudkowsky - 2009-01-28


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