The Peppers Cookbook

The Peppers Cookbook

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Award-winner Jean Andrews has been called a€œthe first lady of chili peppersa€ and her own registered trademark, a€œThe Pepper Lady.a€ She now follows up on the success of her earlier books, Peppers: The Domesticated Capsicums and The Pepper Trail , with a new collection of more than two hundred recipes for pepper lovers everywhere. Andrews begins with how to select peppers (with an illustrated glossary provided), how to store and peel them, and how to utilize various cooking techniques to unlock their flavors. A chapter on some typical ingredients that are used in pepper recipes will be a boon for the harried cook. The Peppers Cookbook also features a section on nutrition and two indexes, one by recipe and one by pepper type, for those searching for a recipe to use specific peppers found in the market. The majority of the book contains new recipes along with the best recipes from her award-winning Pepper Trail book. The mouth-watering recipes herein range from appetizers to main courses, sauces, and desserts, including Roasted Red Pepper Dip, Creamy Pepper and Tomato Soup, Jicama and Pepper Salad, Chipotle-Portabella Tartlets, Green Corn Tamale Pie, Anatolian Stew, South Texas Turkey with Tamale Dressing, Shrimp Amal, Couscous-Stuffed Eggplant, and Creamy Serrano Dressing.The word harissa comes from the Arabic harissa which means to crush, break, or grind. It is a condiment of pungent red peppers pounded with fresh garlic and spices and topped with olive oil.It is used in cooking as a seasoning for stewsanbsp;...

Title:The Peppers Cookbook
Author:Jean Andrews
Publisher:University of North Texas Press - 2005


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