The Perception of Odors

The Perception of Odors

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The Perception of Odors presents concisely and clearly some of the important aspects in the study of olfaction such as perception, human pheromones, and odor pollution. The book consists of 11 detailed chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 serve as the introduction as it outlines the basic principles, historical development, and the anatomy and physiology of olfaction. A chapter on qqPsychophysicsqq is included wherein it covers the history of the measurement of odors and developments in the psychophysics of smell. The following chapters deal mostly with areas of research such as odor masking, deodorization, adaptation, odor mixture, and memory. Chapter 9 tackles the relationship of smell, particularly the perception of odor, to other senses. The last two chapters discuss the possible future areas of research and problems in odor perception. This book is a valuable reference to students and researchers studying sensation and perception.Russel, Switz, and Thompson (in press) took this research a step further by manipulating the odor women were ... This was diluted in alcohol and daubed below the upper lip and just under the nostrils of eight women, another eight serving as ... while interviewing candidates f0r an important position in the university administration under the pretext that the mask would conceal their facial expressions.

Title:The Perception of Odors
Author:Trygg Engen
Publisher:Elsevier - 2012-12-02


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