The Perfect 10 Diet

The Perfect 10 Diet

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Lose up to 14 Lbs in 21 days! The Breakthrough Diet That Gets Real-Life Resultsa€”Fast Frustrated by trendy low-fat, low-carb diets that leave you feeling hungry without losing or keeping off any weight? It's not your fault! The latest medical research shows that balanced hormones are the key to weight loss. In fact, those hard-to-maintain diet fads wreak havoc on your hormones, which is why the weight comes back the moment you stop. Dr. Michael Aziz is board-certified in internal medicine and knows that the ultimate key to good health is a diet that can be maintained in the real world. In The Perfect 10 Diet, he shares his revolutionary discovery: how to create the perfect balance between the 10 key hormones that control health and weight, so that you can finally: a€c Melt away the pounds without going hungry a€c Revitalize your health a€c Reverse the aging process and look younger at any age Featuring over 70 delicious, heart-healthy and easy-to-follow recipes for the foods you crave (like Garlic-Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms and Pistachio Dark Chocolate) but never thought you could have, this book will teach you how to eat what you want and still lose the weight! Join the Perfect 10 diet community online at or on or on Twitter #Perfect10diet or follow @perfect10diet! Below are a few of the real people whose lives have been changed through The Perfect 10 Diet. qI went from a size 24 to a 6, and I love it!q -Nancy A. qI have lost seventy pounds on The Perfect 10 Diet in sixteen months and my fasting insulin level has dropped from 40 to 4. The Perfect 10 Diet allows me to eat more fat from butter, coconut, and avocados, which I avoided for years believing they were bad for my cholesterol. Who could ask for anything more? Nothing tastes as good as thin feels.q -Julie qEat anywhere, eat healthy meals, and enjoy the food I love? How easy is that?q -Carol Z. qAt age 50, I feel like I'm 20 again.q -Ted S.For example, a large Starbucks white chocolate mocha has 580 calories. ... While these chains are making efforts to eliminate trans fats from their menu, this could take years. In addition to the ... Choose decaffeinated teas or coffee, or once in a while, treat yourself to a small organic full-fat latte or a cappuccino. ChooSeanbsp;...

Title:The Perfect 10 Diet
Author:Michael Aziz
Publisher:Sourcebooks, Inc. - 2011-01-01


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