The Perfect Family Storm

The Perfect Family Storm

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Do you feel overwhelmed as you watch your child, teen, adult childa€”or even yourselfa€”spiral out of control? Is your family being torn apart by stress? Are your familya€™s relationships drowning in a flood of technology? In The Perfect Family Storm: Tips to Restore Mental Health and Strengthen Family Relationships in Todaya€™s World, Dr. Cathy Reimers offers compassion, expert advice, and concrete strategies to help families navigate the current challenges of divorce, technology, addiction, violence, mental health problems, and more. As you seek a safe port in The Perfect Family Storm, this book will be your anchor. Reading it will be your first step in regaining control of your life, strengthening relationships in your family, and discovering the truth behind your behavior, leading to inner peace. This book will help you and your family members to: a€c protect your child from violence, porn, and bullying; a€c break Internet, cell phone, alcohol, drug, cutting, food, and overspending addictions; a€c manage the impact of divorce on you and your children; a€c identify what type of parent you are; a€c prevent dishonesty, promiscuousness, and out-of-control behavior in your child; a€c learn how pets can be a barometer for family dysfunction; and a€c identify mental health issues and their relationship to family stress.We all remember the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado in 1999. After this ... In papers shea#39;d filed for a restraining order against him, she wrote, a€œ He breaks things, screams, and has threatened me before.a€ She cited ... In the fourteenandolder age group, 50 percent living with mental disability drop out of school.

Title:The Perfect Family Storm
Author:Cathy L. Reimers, PH.D.
Publisher:Balboa Press - 2015-09-10


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