The Perfect Place

The Perfect Place

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Treasurea€™s dad has disappeared and her mom sets out to track him down, leaving twelve-year-old Treasure and her little sister, Tiffany, in small-town Virginia with their eccentric, dictatorial Great-Aunt Grace. GAG (as the girls refer to her) is a terrible cook, she sets off Treasurea€™s asthma with her cat and her chain smoking, and her neighbors suspect her in the recent jewel thefts. As the hope of finding their dad fades, the girls and their great-aunt begin to understand and accommodate one another. When a final dash to their dada€™s last known address proves unsuccessful, Treasure has to accept that hea€™s gone for good. When she goes back to Great-Aunt Gracea€™s, it is the first time she has returned to a place instead of just moving on. Convincing, fully realized characters, a snarky narrative voice, and laugh-aloud funny dialogue make The Perfect Place a standout among stories of adjustment and reconfigured families.a€œWe do drawings and murals, not baby stuff. ... He indicates that I should follow him inside, and I do. So does ... The door swings open and Group Twelve files out, first the counselora€”brown-skinned with box braids, probably in high school andanbsp;...

Title:The Perfect Place
Author:Teresa E. Harris
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2014-11-04


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