The Pet Collection

The Pet Collection

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The Pet Collection consists of 3 top selling Ebooks, a€œPuppy Love a€“ Why You Should Get a Doga€, a€œDona€™t MessWith the Cat a€“ A Cata€™s Thoughtsa€ and a€œHomemade Halloween Costumes for Petsa€. Puppy Love - A puppy can bring happiness to a lonely life, cure a case of empty nest syndrome, offer protection, prepare us for parenthood, teach responsibility and offer unconditional love. Dona€™t Mess With the Cat - The Cat portrays an air of superiority and independence like no other species. This eBook takes you through the thoughts of what some might call a€œthe average house cata€. This cat will reveal all about what cats think and how they feel about humans, food, sleep, children and what they really think of dogs. Homemade Haloween Costumes for Pets - Homemade costumes for your pet are relitevely easy to make. Most consists of t-shirts, fabric paint, felt, cardboard and a little imagination. Hopefully, these ideas will inspire more great costume designs from your own imagination.Finish the look by tying a bandana around its neck. Howdy partner! ... You could also easily make one out of material or felt and attach strings or ribbon to tie. Rescue Me! ... Wrap your baby in a baby blanket or push in a stroller. Ohhh, your anbsp;...

Title:The Pet Collection
Author:M Osterhoudt
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2012-11-18


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