The Pet Owners Guide to Ferret

The Pet Owners Guide to Ferret

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A ferret is one of the most delightful pets an owner can hope to have. These creatures will bond with their owner and they have particularly unique personalities which can make them a delight to watch. However they also require a little bit more attention than a mouse or a hamster would and so you need to think about whether your will be able to give them this time before adopting one. Ferrets do have several health issues that as an owner you need to be aware of. Firstly a ferret will need to have annual rabies and distemper shots. You need to consider these financial costs before deciding whether to get a ferret.In fact ferrets have been pets for approximately 300 years and have been domesticated animals for as long as 2000 years. One of the reasons ... While it is true that the ferret does have a distinct musty odor this is not particularly strong nor is it overpowering. The reason for this ... Ferrets on average live between six to eight years, however some ferrets will live as long as eleven or twelve years. The femaleanbsp;...

Title:The Pet Owners Guide to Ferret
Author:Matthew Debanks
Publisher:Fred Quaye - 2012


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