The Phobian Project

The Phobian Project

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Escaping the quarantine labs of the Interplanetary Institute of Disease Control, a young plague victim sets off on an odyssey to save her planet from an all-powerful empire. Atari Akido has unwittingly stolen the most important secret in the universe. In a story filled with intrigue, space flight and revolutionary plots, Atari fights to prevent a holocaust and is shocked to discover the stakes are even higher than anyone could imagine.a€œThings are so screwed up on National Chicago, the Master Server wona#39;t even get the request to download the program for another week.a€ I retorted. a€œIt all goes through the relays ... a€œThata#39;s because therea#39;s a blackout.a€ a€œI know wea#39;re in blackout .

Title:The Phobian Project
Author:Alex De Witt
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-03


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