The Photographer's Boy

The Photographer's Boy

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A story of three American eras . . . A teenage boy and his grandfather travel across America to attend that last great reunion of Civil War veterans at Gettysburg in 1938, where secrets and lies are revealed about the old mana€™s past. Perhaps he was not the hero his grandson thought, but he still has a valuable treasure to reveal, which will shed intriguing light on the war and his part in it. This debut novel by an award-winning British journalist takes the reader into three different key periods in US history: the 1860s, the 1930s, and the present day. It raises great questions about journalism, photography, war, and young love in a compelling story that mixes past and present.Thenhispersonable manner and soft accent meant he was promoted to the more prestigious job of welcoming ... didhis neat clothes, the linen shirts, the doeskin pants, the soft merino vests andthelong handkerchief that spilledfrom his coat cuff.

Title:The Photographer's Boy
Author:Stephen Bates
Publisher:Open Road Media - 2014-07-01


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