The Photographer's MBA

The Photographer's MBA

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If you have finally taken the leap with your photography and gone into businessa€“or if you are considering ita€“The Photographera€™s MBA will prove a helpful guide in navigating the often confusing and occasionally frustrating territories of business, marketing, pricing, and contracts. Photographer Sal Cincotta, who runs a highly successful portrait, senior, and wedding photography business, deftly leads you through a€œthe other 90%a€ of the job of a photographer. In this book, you will: Consider what kind of business entity is best suited for you, such as a sole proprietorship, S-Corp, or LLC Learn about the critical importance of both business plans and marketing plans, and how they will help you reach your short-term and long-term goals Understand brandinga€™s elements and how to define your own brand so that you stand out from the crowd Assess your social media strategy to optimize your presence online, and learn about search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your findability Tackle costs, pricing, and contracts (including copyright and model releases) At the end of each chapter, Sal offers a Next Steps section, containing exercises that challenge you to actively implement the overall lessons in the book. By helping you create a solid plan, a strategy you can implement, and a vision for your business, The Photographera€™s MBA gets you well on your way to creating and sustaining a photography business that will grow and succeed for years to come.Keywords Now that youa#39;re adding all this descriptive text to your site, it has to be tied to your keywords. Keywords are those major descriptors on your posts that are defined using H1 header tags (big and bold). ... And depending on the frequency of your keywords, this will indicate how relevant the content is as it relates to those ... For example, since I want to be found for any searches of a€œst louis wedding photographer, a€ I have to ensure that these words are prevalent throughout myanbsp;...

Title:The Photographer's MBA
Author:Sal Cincotta
Publisher:Peachpit Press - 2012-11-20


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