The Physics of the Interstellar Medium, Second Edition

The Physics of the Interstellar Medium, Second Edition

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The book leads the advanced undergraduate through the wide range of disciplines related to an understanding of the interstellar medium and is suitable for any student studying either physics or astrophysics. The study of the interstellar medium incorporates a large range of physical More...processes on both large and small scales all of which are covered in this text. Together with the inclusion of simple models and problems at the end of each chapter this text provides a comprehensive overview and grounding in the study of the interstellar medium.In order to keep the system going, we must be able to inject kinetic energy into it at a comparable rate. ... Even if our assumed values of Ap, and g are on the high side, it appears that maintenance of the energy balance is plausible by the above process. ... Soft X-rays (energies roughly in the range 0.1-2 keV) are detected, implying gas temperatures in excess of 105 K. An ... The excitation and ionization of this gas must be due to collisional processes since photoionization producesanbsp;...

Title:The Physics of the Interstellar Medium, Second Edition
Author:J.E Dyson, D.A Williams
Publisher:CRC Press - 1997-01-01


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