The Pinwheel of Dollhouse Poetry

The Pinwheel of Dollhouse Poetry

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The Pinwheel of Dollhouse Poetry is inspired to blow the child-like play in all God's beautiful people. Just be seated in your child chair of one place of true serenity in mind and closed eyes, to seek laying hold of your favorite child-like play innocence. World of people, begin scooping up sweet memories of imaginary playtime. Color the heart's pulse of pure life again, blue for boys embracing the soldier combat voice of GI. Joe men, to soar with one leg on Tommy's red scooter, to change the playtime to minnie zoom-zoom sounds found in match box cars. Continue the color of the heart's pulse of pure life again, pink for girls, begin to dress Barbie dolls in sparkle fashion clothes for the run-way, remembering to cuddle the faded-brown teddy bear to a sweet sleep, and daytime hours of play dress up Mommy, whom the child admires for many years to come. Beauty in adults, vanish thoughts of the hustle and bustle in world time and search to find your treasured inner beauty of self, a playful spirit. Slip off the high heels and work boots, and slide into the saddle shoes for the chalk game hop-scotch and jump into the inner tube swing of the swimming lake into your tennis shoes, to play a child once again with simple pure joy. Keep the breeze in your pinwheels, to show the color star of silver and red pinwheel of God's World.- Happy Reading! Deborah L Kelley has been married to William D for 26 years, with three children; Willie T., Patsy L., and Michael D. A life of simpleness but happy being a homemaker and home schools. Her employment job consists of writing full time in the home. Deborah has a kindle spirit for writing with all expansions forms in poetry, non-fiction, fiction, future screen writing, and all others. The revelations of writing is not patted down and stuff to knock out the fluff to seal in a brown box in one place, but busting the seam lines of freshness in our world for pure life. Her invincible desire is to take pure creativity to tickle the heart of man but soothe the mind with tranquility, soaking to soar in peace. The dedicated voice of my past forefathers lay in the depth of my heart, as their grand daughter, Deborah moves to birth the true dream in writing. The lineage of gifted writing is a surge power line filled with flash lightning of God's unconditional Love to light up all men. The channel of ancestry has long for tender smiles to be staged in writing and create many stories of Life.A glass bowl home displays a make believe play to weave in and out of a Mickey Mousea#39;s castle hole; Does Rocky fish swim like a scuba diver that fins ... Lucy Lou the bunny is dressed in frilly doll clothes with a covering of a tied bonnet hat.

Title:The Pinwheel of Dollhouse Poetry
Author:Deborah Kelley
Publisher:Dog Ear Publishing - 2010-09


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