The Politics of Possibility

The Politics of Possibility

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In the probing interviews in this vibrant new book, eminent scholars struggle with some of the most crucial issues facing contemporary intellectuals. Poststructuralist philosopher Judith Butler discusses the a€œpaina€ of rigorous intellectual work, saying that it is a€œnecessarily extremely hard labor, a€ as she examines the intersection of discourse and political action. Award-winning filmmaker, philosopher, and social theorist David Theo Goldberg reviews his lifea€™s work, especially on issues of racism. Literary critic and feminist philosopher Avital Ronell sets out to disrupt the standard logic of signification, to force readers into fresh ways of perceiving a subject at hand. Postcolonial theorist Homi Bhabha discusses how critical literacy is intimately connected to the question of democratic representation, and he elaborates on how cultural difference can lead to a politics of discrimination. And neo-Marxist cultural critic Slavoj A½iA¾ek takes readers on an exhilarating journey through a wide range of critical subjects.That little community may have provoked some politicized assertions, marking the way the three of us would stage ourselves publicly and kick ass in a certain way. ... aquot;Support Our Tropes, aquot; for example, offers a clever analysis of the rhetoric surrounding the Gulf War. ... But, of course, on a more technical and thematic level, I am very attentive to rhetorical maneuvers on different registers of articulation.

Title:The Politics of Possibility
Author:Lynn Worsham, Gary A. Olson
Publisher:Paradigm Pub - 2007


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