The Politics of Religion and the Religion of Politics

The Politics of Religion and the Religion of Politics

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Prominent political theorist Ira Sharkansky looks at the intersection of religion and politics, using the case of Israel where a chief rabbi officiates along with a prime minister to examine how the two inform each other. Focusing more on similarities than differences, Sharkansky demonstrates that both religion and politics can justify their position on the moral high ground. Both are involved in shaping our values and standard of living; however, neither religion nor politics can claim a monopoly of virtue: Political demagogues have their religious equivalents in self-serving prophets and false messiahs, and politicians and religious leaders both may violate the morality that they preach. Sharkansky examines the place of intellectual certainty, doubt, charisma, and passion in both realms. He argues that Israel, among other Western democracies where politics and religion intersect, supports a successful fusion of the two.qthe hiring of security guards by one group of ultra-Orthodox who felt themselves in danger from another group of ... As a result, there was a long period from Tuesday evening through Saturday evening for religious and political issues to work themselves into a boil. ... music and voices adapted a portion of a festive hymn sung in praise of the Lord as a supplement to the Passover seder (Echad Mi Yodea).

Title:The Politics of Religion and the Religion of Politics
Author:Ira Sharkansky
Publisher:Lexington Books - 2000


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