The Popularity Project

The Popularity Project

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High school junior Ariella Winters has raised the position of nerd to an art form. Raking in the straight Aa€™s, she couldna€™t be happier. Sure, her social skills are lacking a bit, but who needs that stuff anyway? When youa€™re smart and dedicated, life is pretty perfect. That is, until a school project brings her worst nightmare to life. As part of a revolutionary social experiment, Ariella is thrown into a new school and given a new look thata€™s totally not her. To ace this project, she needs to spend the next six months trying to fit in. But thata€™s not even the worst part. As part of the assignment, she has to befriend her worst enemiesa€”the popular crew, with their designer fashions and insincere emotions. The ones who would never give Ariella a second glance, except to mock and ridicule her. Enter Ashton Walker, the boy every girl wants to date. Hea€™s the soccer star, the heartthrob who doesna€™t fall in lovea€”the one who could ruin Ariellaa€™s plans. Hea€™s got every girl falling at his feet which is just one out of the infinite reasons Ariella doesna€™t need to get wrapped up in his life. Then again, therea€™s something hea€™s hiding, something thata€™s drawing Ariella in. Now shea€™s left questioning everything shea€™s ever believed in for a boy that she never shoulda€™ve met in the first place.My makeup wasna#39;t too severe. Although I needed to be popular, I still didna#39;t want my face to look like I drew it on with crayons. Plus, Flora only showed me how to do one simple look, and I never bothered to go on YouTube to find more ways to anbsp;...

Title:The Popularity Project
Author:Joddie Zeng
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-05-06


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