The Porphyrin Handbook

The Porphyrin Handbook

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Announcing the sequel to the first ten volumes of The Porphyrin Handbook, which provided an authoritative treatise on the porphryin system and dealt in fine detail with the synthesis, chemistry, spectroscopy, and applications of porphyrins. The ten latest volumes 11-20 address those major disciplinary areas not covered in the first, including biology and medical implications of porphyrin systems, the biosynthesis of porphyrins, chlorophylls and vitamin B12. Other areas include the multitude of genetically transmitted and drug induced diseases associated with errors in heme metabolism, the transformations of hemes into bile pigments, the organic syntheses of bilins, very recent work on phytochrome, and the pathways of degradation of chlorophyll in senescent plants. In addition, volumes 11-20 address every aspect of synthesis, chemistry, structure and spectroscopy of phthalocyanines which will appeal to scientists in fields ranging from mathematics through physics, chemistry and biochemistry, to biology and medicine. . By the same Editors as the successful first Porphyrin Handbook, published in 2000. . Consists of 61 chapters written by internationally recognized experts. . Clear, concise, and uniform presentation with many hundreds of figures, tables and structural formulae. Including volume indices and cumulative index.Christie, R. M.; Deans, D. D. J. Chem. Soc. Perkin. 11 1989 ... May 12-18, 1974, Handbook, 181-189. 99. Dahlen ... Elsevier Science: Boston, 2003, Vols. 16-19. 106. ... 462. 109. Shurvell, H. F.; Pinzuti. L. Can. J. Chem. 1965, 44, 125. 110. Starke, M.; Wagner, H. Z. Chem. 1969. 9, 193. 111. Lever ... 129. Suzuki, S.; Bansho, Y.; Tanabe, Y. Kogyo Kagaku Zasshi 1 1 9/Phthalocyanine Dyes and Pigments 147.

Title:The Porphyrin Handbook
Author:Karl M. Kadish, Kevin M. Smith, Roger Guilard
Publisher:Academic Press - 2003


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