The Portrait Of The Complete Woman

The Portrait Of The Complete Woman

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The role of the woman in the modern world has been redefined. Faced with ever new challenges, she needs to balance the home and outside world with maturity and understanding. This book has been designed especially for such woman who is well-educated, single or married, working or otherwise, but certainly interested in improving upon herself. It is certain to change her lifestyle and ensure a change for the better. People expect you to play the perfect role model with a flawless performance. Perfect wife, mother or partner and perfect career woman too! With the heightened expectations of the society are you ready for this role of a super-woman? Here is a chance for transformation! Would you like to avail it? It can prove to be a marvellous experience to shape yourself as a new woman.Today, fashion pundits are announcing from the rooftops that a casual, natural look is the order of the day. ... And, of course, you dona#39;t want your lips to enter in the room before you make the actual entry! ... And, that shade can be light rose pink in the daytime and little brown pink for the night. ... They think that they would look better if they are able to - have more tull lips or tnin rips or protruding ones. Andanbsp;...

Title:The Portrait Of The Complete Woman
Author:Prof.Avinash Chandra
Publisher:Pustak Mahal - 1998-01-01


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