The Post-Growth Project

The Post-Growth Project

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This book challenges the assumption that it is bad news when the economy doesna€™t grow. For decades, it has been widely recognized that there are ecological limits to continuing economic growth and that different ways of living, working and organizing our economies are urgently required. This urgency has increased since the financial crash of 2007a€“2008, but mainstream economists and politicians are unable to think differently. The authors of this book demonstrate why our economic system demands ecologically unsustainable growth and the pursuit of more a€˜stuffa€™. They believe that what matters is quality, not quantity a€“ a better life based on having fewer material possessions, less production and less work. Such a way of life will emphasize wella€being, community, security and a€˜convivialitya€™. That is, more real wealth. The book will therefore appeal to everyone curious as to how a new post-growth economics can be conceived and enacted. It will be of particular interest to policy makers, politicians, businesspeople, trade unionists, academics, students, journalists and a wide range of people working in the not-for-profit sector. All of the contributors are leading thinkers on green issues and members of the new think-tank Green House.This builds on their Just Transition Report (TUC 2008), which proposed active investment in green enterprises, like the 249, 000 new renewable energy jobs in Germany, as employment in the energyintensive sectors declinesa€” anticipatedanbsp;...

Title:The Post-Growth Project
Author:John Blewitt
Publisher:Do Sustainability - 2014-10-22


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