The Power of Adversity-

The Power of Adversity-

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Life is hard. But for those of us who have suffered a trauma, it can seem insufferable, with the past imprisoning us, wiping out any hope of a good future. Author and lifestyle coach Tiffany Mason knows that debilitating darkness firsthanda€”but she also knows a deeper truth: you can get out of that prison and move forward into a meaningful and fulfilling life. If you are ready to overcome your challenges and stop being a prisoner of your past, then you are ready to read The Power of Adversity. Offering hope to women who have experienced trauma in their lives, this motivational self-help guide educates, offers powerful tools, and empowers survivors to move on and start designing the life they want. Where are you heading in life? You can move forward or backward. The choice is yoursa€”but you dona€™t have to make it alone.Since we live in a society where we consume on a daily basis, we spend money on different products, programs and services ... How many ads do you see about how to improve your looks, how to dress and what you need to buy in order to be anbsp;...

Title:The Power of Adversity-
Author:Tiffany Mason
Publisher:Tiffany Mason - 2015-04-11


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