The Power of Half

The Power of Half

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It all started when fourteen-year-old Hannah Salwen had a eureka moment. Seeing a homeless man in her neighborhood at the same instant she spotted a man driving a glistening Mercedes, she said, qDad, if that man had a less nice car, that man there could have a meal.q Until that day, the Salwens had been caught up like so many of us in the classic American dreama€”providing a good life for their children, accumulating more and more stuff, doing their part to help others but not really feeling it. So when Hannah was stopped in her tracks by this glaring disparity, her parents knew they had to act on her urge to do something. As a family, they made the extraordinary decision to sell their Atlanta mansion, buy a house half its size, and give half of the sale price to a worthy charity. At first it seemed outlandish: What, are we crazy? Then it became a challenge: We are totally doing this. Their plan eventually took them across the globe and well out of their comfort zone. In the end they learned that they had the power to change a little corner of the world. And they found themselves changing too. As Kevin Salwen says, qNo one else is nuts enough to sell their house, q but what his family discovered along the way will inspire countless others, no matter what their means or resources are. Warm, funny, and deeply moving, The Power of Half is the story of how one family grew closer as they discovered that half could be so much more.Hannah decided to test-drive other service opportunities too, this time with the rest of our family in the mix. She pushed us ... When Joseph balked, she prodded, a€œCa#39;mon, dude, it will help us understand what it feels like to be hungry.a€ (After a hungry ... The light rock station rolled out an oldie that triggered a€œOh my God, how boring.a€ Next. The Top ... From the same passenger seat from which she had seen the homeless man and the Mercedes, Hannah surprised me again. a€œHe may haveanbsp;...

Title:The Power of Half
Author:Kevin Salwen, Hannah Salwen
Publisher:Houghton Mifflin Harcourt - 2010-02-10


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