The Power of Problem Solving

The Power of Problem Solving

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This is a book about teaching problem solving in all subject areas, not just math puzzles and problems. It includes many examples in language arts and social studies, along with science, math, and interdisciplinary learning. In fact, the procedures presented can also be applied to solving everyday problems of society, economics, politics, art, and literature. The authors show teachers how to recognize problems in every subject area and how to use them as teaching opportunities. Many of the problem solving projects presented are qhands-onq activities for students, and all can be adapted for students in all grades and ages. From dinosaurs, bubble blowing, and mysteries, to the founding of a new country, the art of argumentation, and the survival of the fittest, there's something for use with every student in every classroom.The teachera#39;s role is to facilitate the discussion and make sure that the students fully consider the possibilities of each item. ... A baby wearing diapers and eating cereal would not be 3 years old, so there must be two different children. The fact that a pie tin was found but not a cake could mean many things: a cake could be stored somewhere if it was not totally eaten, the mother could have preferred pie anbsp;...

Title:The Power of Problem Solving
Author:Juanita S. Sorenson
Publisher:Allyn & Bacon - 1996


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