The PowerPoint Detox

The PowerPoint Detox

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We all know the feeling of attending a lack-lustre, dreary and formulaic presentation where dense lumps of text are read verbatim from the screen. It is beyond tedious, and it is unsurprising that the phrase qdeath by PowerPointq has entered the language. But it need not be that way. With a little time and effort you can add power to your presentations and do so simply. The PowerPoint Detox is a straightforward, practical guide that will help you to prepare and use slides that will fit with your message and support it; add power to your presenting style; enhance your presentation with a visual element in a way that makes explanation easier and clearer; be more likely to be understood, make your message memorable and assist retention. It is designed to appeal to anyone who needs to use PowerPoint: new presenters and those with some experience, those who have had some training or read a book or two and those who have not. With sample slides and plenty of examples reproduced in PowerPoint style, The PowerPoint Detox is a clear how-to book that will help you to add explanatory power, style and professionalism to your presentations.Such actions need an element of creativity, but you can plan their inclusion in what you do. There are, of ... I once saw a presenter fail to make a magic trick work a€“ that was embarrassing (almost more so for the audience than for the presenter).

Title:The PowerPoint Detox
Author:Patrick Forsyth
Publisher:Kogan Page Publishers - 2009-03-03


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