The Practical Real-Time Enterprise

The Practical Real-Time Enterprise

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Speed as a factor for success Our modern industrial society lives life in the fast lane. The catchwords a€œfastera€, a€œshortera€, a€œmore powerfula€ reflect what we experience in almost all aspects of our lives. Whether at home or at work, we are constantly on the move and in a rush. In our private lives we find rapid exchange of inf- mation most entertaining and we are fascinated by the wide range of inf- mation that pours in on us from all around the world, mainly via the new media. It gives us the feeling of being a part of the action everywhere and all the time. Seldom are we aware that the only reason this flood of inf- mation, often referred to as a€œoverstimulationa€, does not lead to overkill is that we manage to organize our time effectively. There are many parallels to this in the business world. Here too, a great deal of time pressure is exerted from outside; goals are set ever higher and deadlines become tighter. In other words, demands on our time demand faster reaction. Crucial information travels around the globe a€“ across all time zones a€“ in a matter of seconds. In fact, instead of CET or CEST, it would make sense to have a single time zone for the worldwide network called GST for Global Simultaneous Time. In business more so than in p- vate life, we are almost constantly online.This technology goes by the name of Powerline Communications (PLC) and allows equipment to be networked via standard power outlets. Siemens offers a complete range of networkable household appliances to match: The ... includes everything from cookers and ovens to washing machines, dryers, and network- enabled fridge-freezer combinations. ... Using the diagnostic data provided, service engineers can then select the right spares before coming out to complete the repair.

Title:The Practical Real-Time Enterprise
Author:Bernd Kuglin, Heinz Thielmann
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2005-12-05


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