The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry

The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry

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The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry fills a gap in the list of available medicinal chemistry literature. It is a single-volume source on the practical aspects of medicinal chemistry. Considered qqthe Bibleqq by medicinal chemists, the book emphasizes the methods that chemists use to conduct their research and design new drug entities. It serves as a practical handbook about the drug discovery process, from conception of the molecules to drug production. The first part of the book covers the background of the subject matter, which includes the definition and history of medicinal chemistry, the measurement of biological activities, and the main phases of drug activity. The second part of the book presents the road to discovering a new lead compound and creating a working hypothesis. The main parts of the book discuss the optimization of the lead compound in terms of potency, selectivity, and safety. The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry can be considered a qqfirst-readqq or qqbedside bookqq for readers who are embarking on a career in medicinal chemistry. NEW TO THIS EDITION: * Focus on chemoinformatics and drug discovery * Enhanced pedagogical features * New chapters including: - Drug absorption and transport - Multi-target drugs * Updates on hot new areas: NEW! Drug discovery and the latest techniques NEW! How potential drugs can move through the drug discovery/ development phases more quickly NEW! ChemoinformaticsSubsequent research on barbiturates began to understand that the lack of drug activity in barbituric acid and the slow acting ... Chemists needed to develop molecules containing larger hydrocarbon groups that resembled the fatty components of the bodya#39;s barriers. ... Although valproic acid (chemically near from valeric acid) had been first prepared by Beverly S. Burton, an American working in Europe, anbsp;...

Title:The Practice of Medicinal Chemistry
Author:Camille Georges Wermuth
Publisher:Academic Press - 2011-05-02


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