The Prayer Matrix

The Prayer Matrix

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David Jeremiah approaches the good news of God's willingness to respond to our prayers from a fresh angle, describing prayer as the built-in trigger for the good things that happen in this world. Readers will discover just how eagerly God is waiting to answer us. Like a loving father, He is always glad to have us come to Him as children with the things that are on our heart! Prayer delights God's heart, because He has ordained the processes of the world to work through the prayers of His people. You Can Make a Difference Your prayers mean more than you realize. At the moment you pray, you connect to the most powerful force in the universe. You become an integral part of the rich, complex communication network of prayer. God has hard-wired the universe to work through prayer. Ita€™s breathtaking to realize that the all-powerful God intends you to have such a huge part in the work of ushering in His kingdom for all eternity. Enter the matrix and discover the ultimate realitya€”a reality beyond your imagination. Story Behind the Book Even Dr. Jeremiah struggles with prayer. He has read near 100 books on the subject. God is just waiting for His people to pray so that He can pour out His abundant blessing on them. Nothing is too big or too small to bring to God. He is waiting for you to pour out your requests to Hima€”and become part of the prayer matrix.The motherwent back inside the storeandwas able toget a wire coat hanger, thoughshe hadher doubts about whether it wouldwork. In fact, she felt embarrassed, because she wasna#39;t sureatall how to use the coat hanger to open her car door.

Title:The Prayer Matrix
Author:Dr. David Jeremiah
Publisher:Multnomah Books - 2013-10-16


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