The Pregnant Proposition

The Pregnant Proposition

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Never Trust an O'Malley For Ally Cabrerra, those were words to live by. But did Troy O'Malley have to be so darn irresistible? Now the sexy rodeo rider believed the night they'd shared had resulted in the start of a family. And he insisted on doing the honorable thinga€b For over sixty years the O'Malleys had tried to get their rightful land back from the Cabrerras. Getting married could be a win-wina€”Ally got to claim her inheritance and Troy got to stake his claim. But his qpregnantq wife had a surprise in store. And so did Troy. Because the longer he held sweet Ally in his arms, the less he wanted their temporary arrangement to enda€b.a€œMakes sense.a€ He glanced toward the bedroom theya#39;d just walked through. a€œBut I see you broke down the bed....a€ a€œI wanted it out of the way while I painted. Therea#39;s a twin bed up in the attic, and a daybed out on the back screened porch.

Title:The Pregnant Proposition
Author:Sandra Paul
Publisher:Silhouette - 2010-02-01


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