The Price of Promiscuity

The Price of Promiscuity

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The title of this book indicates that the topic of discussion will be promiscuity and thus sin. Rather than dealing expressly with sin, its aim is to cover promiscuity from many viewpoints. It begins with the effect of promiscuity on empires and its contribution to their decline. It then compares modern Western civilization and morals of our time with those of previously collapsed civilizations. It then looks at the effect upon our individuality, especially the effect upon our body, and also demonstrates how our moral behaviour a€˜spills backa€™ into society. The book ventures into the most difficult areas of all, that is our mind and our soul. Finally, it attempts to offer practical advice on how to live a moral life.Some also experience Syphilitic hair loss in patches that can look a#39;moth eatena#39;. Tertiary (Third) Stage Syphilis In essence the manifestations of Syphilis infection is a result of the same process. The greater the numbers the more severe theanbsp;...

Title:The Price of Promiscuity
Author:Paul W. Saunders
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2013-09-26


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