The Priest & The Princess: The Bracelet: Book 1

The Priest & The Princess: The Bracelet: Book 1

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Ryker Harrison is an investigator hot on the trail of high-end luxury counterfeiters of jewelry. He engineers a chance meeting with Tiara, the wife of the counterfeiter, but when he meets her, he is overcome by feelings that he has to protect her from her husband, an insanely jealous psychopathic killer named Sasha. Ryker realizes that his meeting with Tiara has forever blurred the distinction between work, and the affairs of the heart, and he realizes that they forged a connection, so strong, and so powerful, that it could get them both killed. His hunch is proved correct. He shows Tiara that her purse has a transmitter in it, broadcasting her every move. Yet, she insists on taking her children away from her husband in a final act of defiance. A Navy SEAL that went to seminary school, Ryker has to make use of all his talents and abilities in counterinsurgency if he is to keep his new love interest alive. But could she truly trust him, and he her, in enough time to avert disaster?That can only build with time. ... I felt a connection and promised myself that I would follow you to find out what it meant, no matter how long and how far that road would take me.a€ a€œWhat if ... Tiara opened a big white case in her oversized white 29.

Title:The Priest & The Princess: The Bracelet: Book 1
Author:A. J. Kretzmar - 2014-05-12


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