The Princes and the Potion

The Princes and the Potion

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In the Kingdom of Sholveria the once happy and contented royal household is thrown into shambolic uproar. Jimskinov has been kidnapped, the little princes are on his trail . . . and the Potion has GONE! There are plenty of snot-licking, foot-stamping, lip-smacking giggle moments as the dynamic Dukes and Perfect Princesses join forces with a host of glorious characters to outwit evil Prince John to once again restore harmony. a€œThe children squirmed as Mariaa€™s whole body began to shake. She was like a volcano that was about to erupt, but somehow and very unusual for Maria, she didna€™t erupt. For although she wanted to rant and rave and screech and squabble and stamp her feet and wave her arms, she knew that at this time it was important, if their plan was to succeed, to stay calm and quiet.a€This he liked and sometimes he would tell them about his day, then, after their meal he would sit with the Baron and Baroness in ... He felt at home here, he had a full belly, he was warm, he had company and the Baron and Baroness were determined to make those sad, blue eyes of ... So this was the plan: After Kenneth had let the jester and his family (they are on his list) into the castle, Maria would askanbsp;...

Title:The Princes and the Potion
Author:Martin Howarth-Hynes
Publisher:Paragon Publishing - 2014-04


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