The Probationer's Handbook

The Probationer's Handbook

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qMortimer's book is grounded in that of Crowley yet he goes beyond it and I think the Master Therion would applaud. He tackles issues obviously based on experience, which have never been satisfactorily tackled before. If you have the slightest sincere interest in Magick and human evolution, you really must get hold of this book. The author's acid wit regarding New Age garbage adds spice to this excellent work. Do you really want to make Magick? If so, you must beg, borrow or steal a copy of this wonderful book.q - Gerald Suster (Talking Stick - Winter 1997/98).... one never ceases to be surprised by the senseless irrelevance that is often generally disclosed to the occult student as esoteric knowledge. ... the physical body, i.e. that it pertains to the sephira of Malkuth (the material universe in which we each live, breathe and perceive in). ... This can then be subsequently verified by an independent witness. ... Many writers will inform you that etheric travel is highly dangerous and that if the connection between the physical body and the ethericanbsp;...

Title:The Probationer's Handbook
Author:George T. Mortimer - 2008-12


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