The Profit

The Profit

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The Profit is a concise, step-by-step qhow-toq guide to develop, execute, and implement corporate strategy. Learn the marketing techniques that will make your product memorable and to remain relevant, and the sales strategy that can put your company over the top. Each chapter concludes with bullet point summaries and action items to aid you in implementing the concepts detailed in the book and for real world strategy implementation. The strategies and frameworks are applicable to many industries; there is a wide spectrum of real world examples from industries ranging from Oil a Gas, to Education, Software, Government, Internet, Retail, and Automotive, both domestic and international. The final section of The Profit illustrates various methods for international expansion including best practices for the greatest odds of success. The Profit is printed in larger and easier to read font than many corporate strategy and management strategy execution books for easier reading. The writing style is direct and to the point, without dry academic prose. What is management strategy and execution? What are the multiple steps and the very important first step to correctly begin the strategy formulation process? How do you create a business strategy? What is the first step of strategy execution? The Profit is a guide to discover which questions should be asked to develop your organizationa€™s identity, create the all-encompassing vision to both set an objective and act as a company-wide motivating tool, and then to create the corporate strategy to reach that goal. The strategya€™s implementation goal must be to create buy-in, not just communicating the message internally. Staff must go beyond solely a€˜understanding the strategya€™ and proceed to internalize the management strategy to reach and execute the company goal(s) and ten year vision. The Profit will show you how. Whether your organization develops software, provides a service as a non-profit organization, or creates vehicle models globally, differentiating your product from competitors and the market is a must to not become a commodity. Even in commodity markets unique values can be created by exploring and crafting offerings the market is not (yet) serving. It will take research and the proper framework and models to evaluate the current market, and creativity to establish the new offerings. The Profit will show you the concise strategy and step-by-step process to identify the market, invent new offerings, and how to reach a larger audience to sell more, raise funds, and/or be the dominant force in the market. The sales team has a special focus in Section Six: Sales Strategy Execution. Without a properly aligned sales strategy and execution, there will not be significant revenue improvements regardless of the quality of the vision or ambition. The Profit will review how to evaluate your current team, how to design and create the improvement process, and the implementation of the sales strategy through creating best practices and tracking/measuring the results. Focusing on a single domestic market ignores the majority of the worlda€™s population. The Profit will outline how to create a unified international corporate strategy through a global decision making framework, how to properly research and evaluate overseas markets, and the various methods of expansion. There is also a review of potential complications and how to avoid these circumstances. The Profit is a concise guide to develop corporate and/or management strategy. It shows you how to execute and implement your strategy, how to develop a unique and effective marketing campaign, and how to organize and train the sales team for maximum productivity. This book is a must read for those seeking to perfect their corporate and management strategy, execution, and implementation.... replaced many consumersa#39; needof Cableor Satellite TV(DirecTV, Dish) programming andcostly monthly subscriptions. ... Did. the. Previous. Yearsa#39;. Projections. Compare. with. Reality? When was the last time your company reviewed andanbsp;...

Title:The Profit
Author:Justin L. Lurie
Publisher:Five Lions Publishers - 2014-09-01


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