The Prophecy of Tara

The Prophecy of Tara

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Hot Chick Kicks Butt! An ancient Power, corrupted nobles, a vibrant young warrior woman and a monumental task against insurmountable odds. A great power from eons ago has arisen to corrupt the world. Trained from childhood by monks a young woman must journey across hostile land to the west. She is joined by a disparate group from many walks of life that will help her defend against powerful forces that would see to her undoing. Will she accomplish this monumental task? Tara - raised by monks and trained from early childhood, her task is to carry that knowledge to a powerful wizard in the west. Reed - a stranded star traveler. He lends his training and ability, along with his star aged laser sword, to Taraa€™s quest. Luggo - Luggosino Mitrin Lars Ulfstag Omsnerros Olfsen Dar. A giant from the north. They find him besotted with drink and befriend him. He is more clever than his size would have you believe. Steph - Stefano Nikoliavich Metros de Santos Campari de Dupont An ancient warrior from the time before. His abilities and knowledge transcend hundreds of years. Many others will either aid or hinder her perilous journey. Reviews: ***** Whoa, slow down there, Turbo! A sexy babe with muscles, training, and ability. A guy with a laser sword, a giant, ancient warriors. This has it all. You did it again, dude. What a great story. AmAm J.D. King ***** Strong start. OMG, love the cover! The description in the book of the girl and her outfit (and why it's so scanty) is believable and impressive. If I hadn't seen the cover pic, I think I would have pictured the same girl. AmAm Anymous (Goodreads) ***** ...Overall, I really liked this book, though I can only make it through one or two battle scenes in a single sitting (probably why it took me a while to read the story). The characters are charismatic and their banter is humorous. I enjoyed the magical elements and the hints at a greater history. AmAm Patricia Hamill on GoodreadsCalling forth his own brand of magic always filled him with energy, made him want to do more. ... He hurriedly ascended the steps and blended into the shadows. As they merged onto the deck a huge booming voice came from right beside him startling him. ... The dark cowled one tried very hard not to breathe, to make her look away. ... She heard a click as he leaned down and illuminated a small area beside the entryway with his sword handle, a tiny swath of bright white light. Funnyanbsp;...

Title:The Prophecy of Tara
Author:R.L. Kiser
Publisher:KiseSoft unInc. - 2013-03-26


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