The Prostitution Delusion: Book One

The Prostitution Delusion: Book One

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There Is Nothing Wrong with Prostitution!* *As formally defined in this book, qprostitutionq excludes forcible acts. qIt is refreshing to read about how prostitution can be good. Mark Emerson has done an outstanding job debunking the myths about paid sex and putting a positive, human face on both the provider and her client. Written in a format that would be perfect as a scholastic textbook, The Prostitution Delusion systematically dismantles the myths and pragmatically lays out reality, fact by fact. This is interspersed with his experiences as a sex client that deviate sharply from the too often wrongly presented social views of prostitution.q --Jessi Winchester, author of From Bordello to Ballot Box and America: The Final Chapter. Winchester gained international notoriety when she entered the Mrs. Nevada Pageant while working in a legal brothel. She later ran for the U.S. House of Representatives and for Nevada Lieutenant Governor. * Is prostitution really harmful? * Or can society benefit from prostitution? In this, the first of five books, Mark Emerson presents two complementary themesa€”one theme debunks the arguments against prostitution; the other demonstrates the good that can come from paid sex. The booka€™s title, The Prostitution Delusion, refers to the widely believed idea that qprostitution is harmful and evil.q The first theme asks why? Leaving no stone unturned, Emerson identifies 43 purported answers. They represent all the arguments against prostitution (see the diagram on page 11). He shows that each fails to answer the question and hence is nothing but a myth. The first 9 myths are debunked in this Book One, including myths about street prostitutes, public health, drugs, pimps, sex slavery, human trafficking and so-called qchild prostitution.q The rest of the 43 myths will be debunked in Books Two through Five. The second theme transforms prostitution from the profane to the sacred. Emerson is a Christian and claims God has directed him to pay prostitutes and to worship them sexually, not as qbad girlsq but as good goddesses. The 18 sexually explicit stories in this Book One are truea€”they are sweet, surprising, romantic, poignant, beautiful and deeply spiritual. Each is a step in his prayerful quest for his own sexual healing and to develop his manly ability to arouse, inspire and uplift the Divine Feminine in women--lovingly and ecstatically.Hereisa typical conversation: a€œHi, a€I would say looking into her eyes withabig smile. a€œHola, a€ she would reply smiling back at me, which means a€œHia€ in Spanish. I would pointat myself and say, a€œMark.a€ Then, pointing at her, I would say, a€œWhata#39;s your name?a€ She would ... a€œHow much?a€I would ask. a€œTwenty dollar. Sucky fucky.a€ Most of the girls say a€œsucky fucky.a€ At this pointI would look real closely at the girl.

Title:The Prostitution Delusion: Book One
Author:Mark Laurence Donald Emerson
Publisher:The Legacy of the Angels Corp. Sole for Integrity in Publication - 2014-11-09


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