The Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

The Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage

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The legal protection of the underwater cultural heritage is a field in which there is growing international interest. Shipwrecks and other underwater cultural remains in every maritime zone are threatened both by activities a€˜directed ata€™ them, such as treasure hunting, and by activities a€˜incidentally affectinga€™ them, such as mineral exploration and exploitation, pipeline and cable-laying, dredging, and fishing. Since the first edition of this collection (published in 1999), the urgent need for an international legal framework to regulate these activities has been formally recognised by the adoption in 2001 of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. While the prospects for this Convention remain uncertain, it will undoubtedly have a profound influence on national laws and practice in this field. This second collection of essays examines the present state of law, policy and practice in sixteen different jurisdictions around the world in light of the 2001 Convention. Among other things, the viewpoint of each jurisdiction in respect of the Convention is considered and the impact that the Convention is already having, and is likely to have in the future, is explored. Eight of the essays are entirely new, and several additional jurisdictions are covered (Finland, the Federated States of Micronesia, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Norway). The other essays have been thoroughly updated and revised to take account of the Convention. The contributors come from a variety of backgrounds, but all have specialist knowledge and experience of their particular jurisdiction and a keen interest in the field.all works, without exception, of architecture, sculpture, graphic art and any art in general, such as all kinds of edifices and ... walls, tombs, hewn stone, statues, bas-reliefs, figurines, inscriptions, paintings, mosaics, pottery, weapons, jewellery , and ... See also Law 1469 of 2 August 1950 a€œon the protection of a special category of edifices and works of art subsequent to ... 18 Art. 52 prohibited any repair or alteration of churches and other artistic or historic monuments and edifices datinganbsp;...

Title:The Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage
Author:Sarah Dromgoole
Publisher:BRILL - 2006-06-30


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