The Psychological Dieter

The Psychological Dieter

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qThe Psychological Dieter explores a variety of research topics in psychology to explain how diet is acquired and why it is so difficult to change. While many healthier diets on the market will work, few (if any) will provide long-term solutions to healthier dieting. This is a key challenge for research psychologists who study diet and health. Based on scientific research and thinking, this book is one of the first to explore how psychology can help explain why shifting diet is so difficult and provides practical suggestions for what can be done to stop this trend. Professor Privitera integrates research from the biological to the behavioral to provide an easy-to-follow and broad review of these topics. The Psychological Dieter explores how factors such as metabolism, the brain, sensation, perception, learning, society, and culture all influence weight gain, food choice, meal size, and consumption. Organized into three sections, this book describes how the body regulates hunger and fullness, why diet change is so difficult long-term, and how learning can affect almost any sensation and behavior associated with diet. Rooted in scientific research and clearly written, this book's engaging style makes topics in psychology accessible to scientists, health professionals, and everyday dieters alike.q--BOOK JACKET.Ita#39;s Not All about the Calories Gregory J. Privitera. SECTION. I: Why. We. Feel. Hungry. and. Full. Chapter. 1. : Monitoring. Calories. On a dreary, rainy morning in our nationa#39;s capital, my dad and I began our trek in the ... It didna#39;t take a psychologist to observe the sarcasm fading quickly into concerns such as, aquot;How much farther till the next ... and, aquot;How is it that Ia#39;ve run 15 miles and still have over 10 to go?

Title:The Psychological Dieter
Author:Gregory J. Privitera
Publisher:University Press of America - 2008


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