The Psychology of Word Meanings

The Psychology of Word Meanings

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This volume contains perspectives from a collection of cognitive scientists on the psychological, philosophical, and educational issues surrounding the meanings of words and how these meanings are learned and accessed. It features chapters covering the nature and structure of word meaning, how new word meanings are acquired in childhood and later on in life, and how research in word processing may tell us something about the way in which word meanings are represented and how they relate to the language processor.For example, we now need entries not only for bird, but also for song bird, family bird, summer bird, grain bird, urban bird, sea bird, plastic bird, fruit bird, chocolate bird, home bird, city bird, and paper bird. ... Thus, although there are no frequency norms for these kinds of combinations, it does not appear that a simple Iexicality argument will account for the ... In the absence of such evidence, we can make the default assumption that people try all such possible interpretations in parallel.

Title:The Psychology of Word Meanings
Author:Paula J. Schwanenflugel
Publisher:Psychology Press - 2013-06-17


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