The Pumping Mom

The Pumping Mom

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This book is truly a complete guide to pumping breast milk. When I was first learning to pump, I could not find any resources available just for breast pumping moms. All I could find were breastfeeding books with a couple of paragraphs about breast pumping. So, when I began to pump for my son, I decided to document all of my breast pumping thoughts, experiences, and tips for other moms who are learning to pump. This book is designed just for pumping moms ' the entire book teaches you how to pump breast milk step by step.My book is a real benefit for moms who are not able to breast-feed. for one reason or another, for moms who are planning to pump out of convenience, for moms who need to pump to increase milk supply, or for moms who need to begin pumping because they are returning to work. Any type of breast pumping mom will find this book essential to their success at pumping.This is Medelaa#39;s upgraded PVC tubing; one end of the tubing connects to the breast shield while the other end attaches ... One way to know you need a larger flange is if pumping hurts, even on low suction. ... However, if your flange is too large then too much of your areola But even if your nipple is smaller than a nickel, youanbsp;...

Title:The Pumping Mom
Author:Shauna Long - 2010-03-29


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