The Queen City

The Queen City

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During the first half of the twentieth century, Marquette grows into the Queen City of the North. Here is the tale of a small town undergoing change as its horses are replaced by streetcars and automobiles, and its pioneers are replaced by new generations who prosper despite two World Wars and the Great Depression. Margaret Dalrymple finds her Scottish prince, though he is neither Scottish nor a prince. Molly Bergmann becomes an inspiration to her grandchildren. Jacob Whitmana€™s children engage in a family feud. The Queen Citya€™s residents marry, divorce, have children, die, break their hearts, go to war, gossip, blackmail, raise families, move away, and then return to Marquette. And always, always they are in love with the haunting land that is their home.trees; for a moment, he relived how he and Holly had picked ferns to make roofs for their forts. Happier, more innocent times. He had spent so many recent years trying to progress toward a goal that had led to naught, he had forgotten the simple pleasures along the way. ... But he did not want to move where he knew no one; he had already spent four sad years alone, hardly making a friend downstateanbsp;...

Title:The Queen City
Author:Tyler R. Tichelaar
Publisher:Marquette Fiction - 2006


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